Cereal Killer Cafe

On Sunday, I went to Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden Stables Market. This unique cafe is basically offers cereal from all over the world! There were so many cereal to choose from, but if you overwhelmed by it, you can just pick from their cereal cocktail menu.

The place is totally cute! The staffs were really friendly too. My cereal cocktail called Unicorn Poop (£4.80)...and it taste like it! which had lucky charm marshmallow, rice krispies, recicle, marshmallow fluff, hundreds and thousands with skim milk. While my cousin had Chocopottomus (£4.00) that has chocopops, crave, kinder happy hippo with chocolate milk.


Here is my short-but-sweet vlog at Cereal Killer Cafe! warning: I'm not responsible for any excessive drooling that this video may cause. :9



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