Internship at Amanda Wakeley | London

My second internship in London! I got to assist the Amanda Wakeley team in their sample sale, which took place at their head office from Thursday 10th March until Friday 11th March 2016. Amanda Wakeley is an English luxury brand, famous for it's cocktail and evening dresses. Besides that, the brand also offers women's wear, handbag, and accessories such as scarfs and jewellery.

I applied the internship through, then i got an e-mail to come for an interview. The interview is so chill, which was cool! I just introduced myself, tell my background, my goals, the reason why i want to do this, etc..

The Amanda Wakeley team are so welcoming and friendly! So it's not hard for me to adapt to this new workplace. My first day was the day before the actual sample sale where i had to help the team to unwrap all the clothes plastics, organize the rack based on the size, label the price of some products, basically set up the sample sale room and make it presentable for the customers!

and now, the actual day of trading! On both days, I am given a task to spread the word to people around the area about the Amanda Wakeley sample sale with brochures! Giving people brochures was not that easy. Some of them said thank you and some of them just ignored haha

My job at the sample sale was mainly to help the customers. Assist them in selecting and purchasing the merchandise. I also had to put back those clothes that had been tried by the customers, and there were lots of customers on mid-day, it's crazy! The sample sale went REALLY well though! It even exceeds last year's profit!

After the sample sale is officially done, the team and I had to count the rest of the stock by scanning the label, input the remaining stocks data and clean up!

Even though this is an unpaid internship, they gave a reward to choose some clothes in their sample sale which is amazing! Besides that, this experience is also great for me because to work in the retail fashion industry we need to know how to be a good sales associate, how to run a sample sale, the process behind it, customer's behaviour, team work and a little bit of everything!



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